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Our South West Clinic

Oakridge medical shares space with Panther Physiotherapy and is able to provide seamless integration of massage, physical therapy, etc..

Family Run, Family Driven

Our mission is to provide a family medicine experience that is accessible, accommodating and offers a variety of quality services along with qualified, competent and well versed physicians.

Our Doctors

Our Clinic group is comprised of Physicians from many different backgrounds and countries. We believe that diversity is the key to providing optimal care to our patient base. Each Physician brings their unique experience to our Clinics and it is a very collaborative environment. This allows all patients to benefit from these unique well rounded Physicians.

Oakridge Medical Centre Doctors


Complete Physicals

It is reccomended that patients have a complete physical once every year. Physicals are booked for 20-30mins.

Migraine Therapy

Botox Therapeutic treatments for Migraine headaches has been offered for many years with great success.


Podiatry is the health care profession that assesses and treats foot ailments.

Prenatal Visits

Pregnant? The clinic will be responsible for the first prenatal appointment at 10-12 weeks and subsequent prenatals.


Our program has been designed to help physicians get asthma and COPD patients in control of their disease.

Same Day Walk In

Fish Creek is here for you if you do not have a family physician or are needing to be seen on a more urgent basis.

Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from daytime fatigue, nighttime choking, loud snoring, morning headaches, or sleep apnea, then you should be tested.

Standard Appointments

Book your appointment for non-urgent medical concerns with you family doctor within one working week.

Travel Medicine Clinic

Prior to travel, patient's should book an appointment to discuss the travel advisories for their specific destination.


Please inform the staff upon booking if your injury or illness was work related.

Women's Health Clinics

The clinic offers women’s health services to all patients, whether they are family practice or walk in patients.

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